27 July 2006

For the love of yarn

It's amazing what we knitters will do to get our yarn, especially if it is on sale. When I first got to Skein Lane this afternoon, I was shocked by how long the line was--out the door and a little ways down the block. (I've never seen a yarn store so busy!) I hate to admit that I was a little disappointed that the yarns were only 20% off, since at their summer sale last year I got 30% off (if I'm remembering correctly). I had told myself I would only buy something if it was at least 30% off, but I figured 20% was still quite good, so I begun my search for the yarns I listed in yesterday's post. Sadly, I didn't find any Kid Silk Haze. There was one lone ball of JaggerSpun Zephyr, but it was pink, and I'm not really a pink person. I did find some Southwest Trading Company Bamboo yarn in the Electric Blue colorway. (I do hope it holds out okay, one ball was snagging a little already.) I also ended up buying three skeins of Lorna's Laces Shepherd Sock--two in brick and one in pond blue. (The brick will become the Embossed Leaves Socks from Winter 2005 Interweave Knits, and the blue some sort of ankle socks.) I skipped on the Manos del Uruguay, maybe another time, if they discount it further.

Once I finally decided what I was going to buy, I got into line, which ended about halfway down the block. Then I waited, and waited. And waited. Two hours, more or less, partially because it was really busy, partially because they do things the old-fashioned way: hand written receipts and a calculator. (Note to self: I should always bring my knitting with me.) I did consider putting my yarn back, but I stuck it out, along with everybody else. (A guy working there said the line remained pretty constant throughout the day--I would guess there were at least 20 people in line at one time--that's a lot of people.) It was kind of exciting, in a nerdy knitter way, to see someone knitting some Knucks while she was waiting in line! I also heard some people talking about the new Knitpicks needles and another group talking about Artfibers.

In other news, I have a feeling I won't be going to Dixon this weekend. Ah well. At least I've got some yarn to distract me.


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