01 May 2007


I should be working on a paper or maybe catching up on reading, but I've been distracted. (Okay, fine, you could also say I'm procrastinating.) But before I tell you why I'm so distracted, I have a public service announcement (of sorts) to make.

Al is organizing a Knitters Against AIDS team for AIDS Walk SF. So, if you'll be in the San Francisco Bay Area on Sunday, July 15, 2007, please check it out. (P.S. You don't have to be a knitter to join.)

So, what have I been thinking about lately? Socks, mostly because of Sockapalooza 4. (Are you reading this, Sock Pal? If so, welcome!) 1006 participants from 26 countries--that's a lot of socks. I've also been thinking about what kind of socks I might make for my Pal, and even have some yarn picked out. However, I'm not ready to cast on quite yet, because I'm (impatiently) waiting for my copy of Favorite Socks to be shipped.

In terms of actual knitting, I've more or less finished up a pair of Monkey socks. I just need to weave in the ends and block them. I'm also pleased to report that after a brief hiatus and a little bit of frogging, my Thelonious socks are back on track. Pictures of both, soonish, I think.


Blogger al said...

hey! thanks a ton for posting this!

May 02, 2007 11:51 PM  

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