23 May 2012


It's my sixth blogiversary!

Exactly two years ago I posted that I had wound this yarn up,

AVFKW Wishing (IMG_3046)

but clearly it took me a while to cast on and turn it into this:

Celes (IMG_5163)

Pattern: Celes by Jared Flood
Yarn: A Verb For Keeping Warm Wishing in Indigo Blue Sky


While I didn't find this pattern difficult to knit, it is the most complex shawl I've made in terms of construction. It has a graft in the center and a knitted on edging, which were actually the parts I enjoyed working on the most. There's something so satisfying about an graft that blends in with the rest of the stitches, and the border went along surprisingly quickly.


I had to dip into my swatch to finish the border, but thankfully I had enough yarn!


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