29 September 2008

Splash of Blue

September is almost over, and Project Spectrum 3 is coming to a close. I really enjoyed this version with the "elemental" groupings of colors.

It was especially easy for me to find things to make for the current Water group, because the color triad includes blue, one of my favorites.

Though I started quite a few things, my only FO from the Water element was a box bag. I made the same modifications as I did on my first box bag (tabs on the ends and covered seams), and I also decided to make the handle a bit narrower.

box bag mosaic

I started a few knitting projects. Two of them are scarves (a Lace Ribbon Scarf [picture] and a Trellis Scarf [picture]), but at the moment my favorite WIP is a Butterfly Moebius (from The Knitter's Book of Yarn). There's something so satisfying about knitting with your own handspun. (The fiber, naturally dyed merino, was from Tactile.)

Butterfly Moebius: In progress (IMG_0108 edited)

I'm also enjoying using this stitch marker. I had a "thing" for ladybugs when I was little, so it makes me smile.

Butterfly Moebius: In progress (IMG_0105 edited)

In other news, this past weekend I joined my local spinning guild, Spindles and Flyers. I think it will be a great opportunity to learn more about spinning, but it may also tempt me into weaving! (Not that I haven't considered it before.)

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