29 May 2007

Tuesday Sock Watcher: At All Stages

Can you believe that we've been Sockapaloozing for almost a month now? Everyone is at different stages in the sock-knitting process, from choosing a pattern to weaving in ends. But we all have something in common, we're busy thinking about our pals!

Before casting on

Amy has received some blue yarn for her sock pal.

Mrs. Hipp is going to use Sockapalooza as an opportunity to learn some new things about pattern and technique.

Mirzu is trying to decide between three sock patterns.

Work in progress

Helga is knitting a pair of colorwork socks in blues and greens.

Hippezippe is knitting some "poisonous" socks for her pal.

Mithranstar is designing and knitting some lacy socks.

Deborah is knitting the Smokin' Socks pattern out of Silkie Socks That Rock.

Finished object

Grace has finished three pairs of socks, including the ones for her pal.

Rosemary has finished her pal's socks, RPM in Blue Moon Fiber Arts Socks That Rock.

What stage are you at?

Let me know how far along you are on planning or knitting your pal's socks, and I'll include you in my next Tuesday Sock Watcher post!

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Anonymous Mithranstar said...

Oooh you mentioned me! Thats so cool!

Thank you!

Mithranstar x

May 29, 2007 1:41 PM  

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