31 August 2008


Thanks to the Water element of Project Spectrum 3, I have a number of things for blue projects.

blue mosaic

From left to right, top to bottom:

Manos Silk Blend (color 3064) for a Lace Ribbon Scarf. I'm a third of the way through the scarf, and I'm already contemplating a little cardigan made out of this yummy yarn.

A Verb for Keeping Warm Organic Merino (in Softspoken). This will probably end up as a two ply, perhaps for a scarf.

Batting, thread, and fabric for the Quilted Coasters from Last Minute Patchwork + Quilted Gifts. The coasters have been pieced together, but I'm stalling on the quilting because I'm having trouble finding a walking foot for my sewing machine. I might try machine quilting without a walking foot, or I could do it by hand.

Cascade Yarns Heritage (color 9848). I went looking for the most recent Vogue Knitting, and ended up with this skein of sock yarn instead! I don't have a pattern picked out yet, so I'd love to hear your suggestions.

(And on a completely unrelated note, the Lorna's Laceaholics group on Ravelry is putting on Sheptember, a month to celebrate LL yarns. I'm using it as a chance to finish these up and perhaps do some stashbusting.)