23 May 2010


It's my fourth blogiversary!

It's been months since I last blogged, so here's a quick wrap up of things I've done so far this year (click the images for more details on Flickr).

1) Went shopping at Stitches West.

Stitches West 2010 Purchases (IMG_3065 edited)

2) Made a Ripley in Malabrigo Twist during Malabrigo March. I thought I wouldn't get much use out of this until next fall/winter, but we've still been having chilly and rainy days here.

Ripley (IMG_3100 cropped)

3) Wove a scarf/wrap in Habu A-1 2/17 tsumugi. This was my first time weaving with silk, and while my warp tension wasn't quite even on the loom, I can't tell in the finished scarf. I really like the depth that using different colors for the warp and weft gave the fabric.

Habu Scarf (IMG_3131 edited)

4) Wound up my A Verb for Keeping Warm Wishing. Now I need to pick a pattern. Any suggestions? (A lace shawl or scarf, of course!)

AVFKW Wishing (IMG_3046)